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 How to : Netherspite

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PostSubject: How to : Netherspite   Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:35 pm

Hey lads,

So just got outta Kara after trying NB and NS. I think we got NB down, just some bad luck, he'll go down next week.

Netherspite on the other hand SOUNDS complicated but isn't once you've done it once or twice. I think maybe some of my explanation wasn't super clear and probably confused some people. I think som1 even asked if they were suppose to attack the beams...

Anyway, here is a decent video on youtube that explains the fight probably much better then me. People should get an idea of how this works by watching the video coupled with the awesome learning experience we all enjoyed tonight. Watch this vid:

Other then that i recommend wowwiki for a general idea of how all bosses work.

K cyas on Wednesday.
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How to : Netherspite
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