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 Guild Events: What? When? Where? How? ALL HERE!(EVENT COMING UP!)

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PostSubject: Guild Events: What? When? Where? How? ALL HERE!(EVENT COMING UP!)   Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:26 pm

So might as well start this... (requests a sticky from Dis)

So I am thinking of making a log for events here... and have guild calendar advertise it and take in participation.

Event #1: RFC "runs for fun" #1 race
yup... will ad details as I do not know my schedule for this weekend... thinking on putting it on the 11th of may (where I am of course). More details will come in as so will an ad on Guild Calendar... might involve a price to come in and a reward... not sure yet... DETAILS ABOUT WHAT THIS KIND OF EVENT IS WILL COME IN SOON!
Monday may 12th server time I believe... at around noon (again. server time)
For people clpse to my time zone(EASTERN TIME CANADA) it's on the 11th at around 10 am.

I need teams over here!

Run for fun race rules..

You come in as teams... min of 2 people ,max of 5... preferably 5 players per. I need 2 teams. A healer has to be in each. I will randomly choose 1 person from each party to make sure EVERYTHING is cleared down to the last mob. I might have another person back it up. Winner wins half of the entry fee's profits, rest goes to the guild as funds. I might also do a scavenger hunt like race involving you to run multiple instances asap. Have fun!
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Guild Events: What? When? Where? How? ALL HERE!(EVENT COMING UP!)
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