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 Gold Making Tips

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PostSubject: Gold Making Tips   Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:21 pm

Well since making gold is such a fundamental aspect of the game, I thought I'd start up a post so that people can share some of the gold making tips they have found useful to them.

To start off here's a simple trick I've found involving Iron bars. You will of course need the mining prof for this. First of all a stack of iron Bars usually sells for 6-10g. The way to make money here is to smelt your iron bars into steel bars. Steel bars sell for around 13-18g a stack. Now if you get onto the AH buy 20 stacks of iron bars for 180g and smelt them all into steel bars you can put them back up on the AH for 13-18g a stack. This will result in a 260-360g return. That's a potential 100% profit.

I used this method to start off my gold cache while I was at lower levels. I made at least 400g from this trick alone. The more gold you have the easier it is to make more gold, which is why this was useful to me when I had less gold at lower levels.

Share some of your own tips that help you make gold cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Making Tips   Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:40 am

Mining, Herbalism, and Enchanting are all money makers.

Mining - Metal is the most needed material in WOW. 3 professions use it all the time (Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting) and other professions need it occasionaly. Ive see stacks of copper going for over a gold. Easy money.

Herbalism - Find out the herbs that are hard to get, needed for popular potions, or needed for speed leveling Alchemy. In your mid-20s certain herbs sell for 3-5 G a stack and it just goes up from there.

Enchanting - This one is tricky. You dont make money from enchanting stuff until you hit 300+ skill, but you can make sick money from disenchanting things and AHing them. Buy cheep greens from the AH, disc them, and AH what you get. Trick with this is that you have to level your Enchanting enough to be able to disc the high selling stuff.

Devious gold making from the uneducated: go to lvl 10-30 zones (barrens etc...) and buy materials for super discount prices from people that dont know better. Proceed to the AH and make bank. Beware, this works on weekends when a lot of noobs are on and can take more time than its worth.
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Gold Making Tips
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