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 my english poem on the holocaust

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PostSubject: my english poem on the holocaust   Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:43 pm

Nightmares are a welcomed comfort
Over the terrors that breathe down necks.
Lost souls dragging through a mire
Crowns of man bent towards the dust.
Souls of hell with guns and fists
Strike fear like a sinner meeting their maker.
Distant cries of youth
Distant screams of elders
The wafting smell of singed flesh,
A minor disturbance of plagued minds.
Minutes pass a birthday at a time
Misery is imminent.
Tripping on the faces of fallen friends
Broken, beaten, battered and bare
Bruised bones from cowardly brawn.
Hope is a word long forgotten
Lost in the mire of innocent souls.

Soulless creatures that fell from above
Striding side by side with common man
Life they do not deserve to have
False flesh mocks Mein Fuhrer
Hell does not deserve these creatures
Broken spirits and starvation,
Control would become absolute.
The wails of agony from inhuman scum
More satisfying than beating them.
These aliens will not control
Eradication is imminent and necessary
The sweet scent of burning Jew
Warms me on the coldest of days.
Mark of Hitler bares authority,
Bares the right to degrade,
And persecute and punish hells rejects.

I scream for mother she does not answer
I scream for father he screams back.
Stripped from my parents I feel naked
Unprotected like a soldier without a gun.
Ive been told of hell it sounded nicer than this
Atleast it is warm.
The taste of food has left my tongue
Replaced by the bitterness of death.
My stomach growls…angry dog
My mouth is dry… a desert.
The spiky spirals enclosing,
Hold guardian angels at bay.
Each day friends would part
After visits to see Onkle,
Never again would they be the same
And neither would I…

Casting sight upon images of the days
Where death was tallied in the legions
Humans stripped of dignity and self worth
Empathy and pity seemed uncommon actions.
Commodities made out of those that used them.
Anguish was a disease spread throughout the camps
A number represented those that passed.
Fields of dead piled into pits,
The minor horrors of today’s warfare cannot compare.
Forced anorexia and humans used as cushions,
The youth poisoned from forced testing.
Genocide, chaos, death and destruction
Scream the same name, Shoah
All form one meaning, Holocaust.
It were as if hell had surfaced in the form of camps,
Satan dressed in the flesh of man.
The deaths of legions of innocent people
Will hells gates ever open again….
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PostSubject: Re: my english poem on the holocaust   Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:11 am

Thats amazing man, tell us how you go, thats a great bit of writing there.
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PostSubject: Re: my english poem on the holocaust   Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:17 pm

IF I were your teacher... I'd go with a hell of a high note (assuming it's not a writers class) but even then!

2 words:
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PostSubject: Re: my english poem on the holocaust   

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my english poem on the holocaust
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