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 Got any ideas? Lookie here! Varrahur ready to help!

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PostSubject: Got any ideas? Lookie here! Varrahur ready to help!   Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:08 am

Since no one took any initiative, I guess this will have to do...

Hello, I am Nights, best known for my druid Varrahur. I instance a lot and am really creative, and can find out nifty stuff that is fun or great for yourself and for the guild.

The problem is, I can't do everything. So if you have an idea or something you need help to organize, I'll try to.

Current ideas:
Accepted yet not really ready for launch(need mroe guildies)
Guild Lottery (to raise funds forGuil;d bank and stuff regarding theguild (50/50 split)
Instance runs for no reason
Some Mafia type day

Also, (to the other high ranks in the guild) we should consider taking in the guild calender add-on, but I want the opinion from everyone 1st.

Start idea giving!


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Got any ideas? Lookie here! Varrahur ready to help!
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