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 Elitist Dickheads!!!

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PostSubject: Elitist Dickheads!!!   Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:31 am

Ok, this is more general bitching than 'Hall of Shame', but I felt it fits here.

Im sick and tired of the elitist crap that goes on at 70. Just got booted from another Heroic group because I wasnt decked out in Epics. At least the tank started the instance and let me die 2 times because he wasnt holding agro before he dropped me un-announced. When I whispered him he gave me this, "Your heals suck!" crap. The reason my heals werent keeping him at full is partially becuase my gear isnt that great, but mostly cause the bastard wasnt holding agro and I had to heal myself and him. If this was the first time something like this had happened I could shrug it off, but its happened to me alot.

What I really want to know is, how the hell these elitists expect people to get good gear seeing as you have to run heroics and Kara to get access to the stuff. I guess I could PVP, but the PVP stuff isnt that great for PVE healing and BG's at 70 suck cause I need EOTS marks. We always seem to lose at EOTS.

Speaking of Kara. I've pretty much stopped trying to pug a group because of these elitist bastards. Everytime I ask to go I get rejected for one of two reasons. They say I dont have enough +heals (which is complete bullshit. Kara needs 1200 +heal and I have 1400 unbuffed) or they insist on only Kara experienced players (of which I am not cause I've never run it).

I'm just really frustrated with this crap and am considering just doing my dailies and guild runs. Then spending the rest of my time on an alt cause I actually feel like I'm progressing at something when I play an alt. The problem with this is that my gear is already behind a lot of us and will just become more so due to lack of rep and badges. Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Elitist Dickheads!!!   Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:33 am

The tank was decked in epics but didn't know what the hell he was doing hak. I was there, i witnessed the deaths and i saw him complaining about everything but his own pathetic tanking. (Skill > Gear) People don't seem to realize that having a ton of epics and no skill still makes you a complete noob. Yet another reason why I prefer pvp to pve. You aren't alone in thinking this either hak, i'm sure dis has some sort of policy dictating that he run instances with at least one other poly.

Now about kara this week. Since a full guild run seems unlikely, I think we should at least try to get as many polygons as we can to run it. If we have at least half a group then we should have a decent chance of getting gear and a proper run. Let me know in game what you think about this.

On a side note I won 4 EOTS in a row earlier today. I'm not sure if all the allys were still asleep or something but we were really working well in the bgs today Smile.
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Elitist Dickheads!!!
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