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 Fun healer moments

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PostSubject: Fun healer moments   Mon May 12, 2008 7:35 pm

About a year ago, I ran Shadowfang with my priest. It started out looking good. We had a Warrior, hunter, mage, lock, and me healing. Then we started the instance. Turns out the Warrior was one of those 'didn't bother to train anything but 2 handed axes' types and yet he still couldn't hold agro. As a bonus he spent the whole time yelling "heal!"

I almost said, "screw this" and dropped the group, but everyone else was cool and the hunt/lock were doing a good job keeping the warrior from wiping us. Finally finished the instance and the War was all, "Let's do it again!!" Everybody else ran for the hills.

Jump 20 levels or so into the future. A guildy rogue invites me into a ZF group to heal. I gave the usual, "Im shadow but can heal fine." speach and we started. Low and behold the same war shows up to tank for us. It had been a while so the name looked familiar, but I couldn't place it. We start in on the instance. The war starts with the "HEAL!!" (he learned how to all caps in my time away from him) ,is weilding a 2hander and not holding agro. Nightmares of Shadowfang flash through my brain and I remember who this guy is.

After surviving the second pull by the hair of my teeth and my rogue guildy. I told the warrior that when I'm standing in front of him with adds healing my self like crazy that that was a sign to use some warrior skills and pull the mobs off of me. He came back with the "if you were a good healer you wouldn't pull agro from me." line. I was a bit livid at that point. I apologized to the group and told them that I wasn't going to heal through this kind of abuse. My guildy and I dropped the group and stepped out of the instance.

Braniac war starts to flame me and my guildy. To top the flaming off, he is also begging us to rejoin the group so we can get on with the instance. I told him that he needed to have a sword and board, know what defensive stance was, and use his taunt skill before I would think about rejoining the group. He gave me some shoddy excuses about how he didn't need to do that to tank and that I should learn my class blah blah blah. I proceeded to block his chat and head to Gadget. As I'm leaving, he challenges me to a duel. If I remember right I was lvl 43 and he was 46. I went shadow form, accepted his duel request, and proceeded to burn him down. I ended the duel at full health. Gave him a good ole /rasp and rode off. Best duel I ever had.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun healer moments   Tue May 13, 2008 4:12 am

Got to love moments like that, and god I hate warriors like that, they are about as familiar with aggro as they are with female anatomy (for those playing the home game: not very)

Atleast you had the satisfaction of melting his face afterwards Razz I wish i could have seen the grudge match!
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PostSubject: Re: Fun healer moments   Thu May 15, 2008 3:41 pm

I got a nice fun healer moment that has anoyed me ever since. Im getting togeter a group of Sunken Temple right, and i got 2 druids a shaman, me as a rogue, and a dpsing pally. One of the druids offers to tank so thats cool ( later on though we found he could keep agro like a bar of soap but thats not the story), and so i asked which one, of our other druid and shammy can heal. I say for them to tell me which one would be best at healing cause i dont know their spec or gear (still in the middle of flying to the stone). Shaman says he can heal (before when i was inviting him i asked if he could heal for us and he says of course shamans have healing spells, so wasnt sure if he new he could 'heal' or not), Druid says they are feral but have a healing set and could heal, so I ask if thats all fine and give them the role. Through the run i notice the shaman not really attacking anything, and doing some healing spells in with our druid healer. I dont really think much of it, he must just be healing our healer ( which he was ) and helping them out, though a bit more dps from them would have been nice, but we were doing fine. So fastforward to boss. Now heres the thing, the druid notices and says; "why am i healing when shaman is restro spec?". Indeed our dps shaman was full restro spec with healing gear. All he says now is that he said he could heal, and then we talked about druid healing so he just let us do what we wanted. He also says I never asked him was he a full time healer. This is the bit im anoyed at, cause i asked at the start that i had know idea about everyones ablities and to give me a judgement themselves. The druid auctually talked saying they had healing gear which i thought would be alot better than the shaman who as far as i know only had defult healing spells. But the shaman seems to think that I ignored him, and he just sat back smiling at our heals knowing he could do better while not healping dps and blaming the mix up on me. I couldn't be bother even talking as I new it wouldnt do any good so I let the shaman 'lol, i told you i could heal', and tried to move on and forget about it. As you can see though I havent, and just thinking about now has made me type up this super long post (for me that is). Hopfully it releases some bottled up anger. You may thing that it was my fault for not assuming that 'i can heal' means full healing spec and gear, but either way I has to say this.

Moral of the story is have a party full of dps. Full rouges is even better (stealth to bosses and vanish before wipes, with jumpercables just in case).

Thats all, laters! Like a Star @ heaven
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PostSubject: Re: Fun healer moments   Thu May 15, 2008 9:18 pm

I'm trying very hard to control myself here...
I never want to run ST ever again...
I don't know if it's the name or the place but it just seems to attract the biggest idiots out there. I once had a party made up of a Warrior, Druid, Shaman, Pally and myself. Of these 5 individuals how many tanks/healers do you think I had? You'd be right if you guessed none. I asked the warrior before I invited him if he could tank, he replied 'sure can' (mind you he's the second warrior I put in, had to replace the first because he 'forgot his shield'). He waits till we enter the instance and wipe on the first boss to let us know that although he knows how to tank he is currently geared for dps... That makes one completely useless player. When I had invited the druid he had asked if we needed a tank, since we already had a supposed tank I said he could dps or heal if he wanted, he agreed. After the warriors departure I asked him to step in to tank (since he was the one who had asked if we needed a tank) He replied 'nah I'm not feral can't tank'. That's two useless players. The shaman probably pissed me off most believe it or not. He thought it was 'funny' to use lightning bolts on the wrong set of mobs mid fight. He ended up dieing 3 times if I remember correctly. That's the third useless player. You're probably wondering where the healadin was during all this. Well let me tell you so was I. I asked him nicely after we had wiped on the boss if he could step up on the heals. His response was almost too painful to read 'I didn't know I was meant to heal'. This came from the mouth of a HOLY SPECCED F%#@*&^ PALLY. At this point there are dints in my laptop and I've almost bitten off my tongue from being smacked over the head by my gf for swearing to 'violently'. I proceeded to block all participating morons, leave group and hearth out.
I'll help run anyone through almost any instance in the game but just don't ever ask me to come ST.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun healer moments   

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Fun healer moments
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